Ava Kaufman

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Ava Kaufman" ~ from The University of Tulsa

"Ava Kaufman" ~ from The University of Tulsa

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Something else... By the way, in case you might be interested in videos by The University of Tulsa tagged with Sports & Recreation or Family & Education, we thought this video was interesting too. Our friends at The University of Tulsa posted about Sports & Recreation in their video from January 28th. It's called A Day in the Life Feat Aaron AJ Johnson 09 and Kate Leahy 19. This is what they said about the video. Learn about a day in the lives of alumnus Aaron AJ Johnson ( 09), Owner of Oasis Fresh Markets and Founder of The Oasis Project, and Kate Leahy ('19), Graduate Student at Boston College holding Assistantships in Disability Services and Management Graduate Admissions. ... But if you want to see the whole thing, just go to this page A Day in the Life Feat Aaron AJ Johnson 09 and Kate Leahy 19. We're pretty sure you'll like this Sports & Recreation video! Some other videos are in Family & Education.

Another video in Music & Performance is this one titled Changing the World Through Music and it was done by The University of Tulsa. It's about Music & Performance and Family & Education and was added September 13th. So after checking out A Day in the Life Feat Aaron AJ Johnson 09 and Kate Leahy 19, don't forget Changing the World Through Music. See this Music & Performance video by clicking here. It's a long video, 132 seconds (2:12). And here's what it's about: While most see music education as learning to play an instrument or sing, Katelyn Baker, Iris Ramirez, Allison Whitelock (BA '19) and Aaron Wacker see music as an opportunity to create successful and musical citizens. Check out the full story at.

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