Ava Kaufman

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Ava Kaufman" ~ from The University of Tulsa

"Ava Kaufman" ~ from The University of Tulsa

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Something else... Did you see this, in case you might be interested in videos by The University of Tulsa tagged with Family & Education, we thought this video was interesting too. Our friends at The University of Tulsa posted about Family & Education in their video from September 1st. It's called Meet the Admissions Team - Ongelic Hill. This is what they said about the video. Meet Ongelic Hill: I am so glad my experience in higher education led me to a campus that is committed to bettering their students through that time of self-discovery in college that will carry on for a lifetime. ... But if you want to see the whole thing, just go to this page Meet the Admissions Team - Ongelic Hill. We're pretty sure you'll like this Family & Education video!

Another video in Food & Drink is this one titled Food Media a Class About Cuture and Yourself and it was done by The University of Tulsa. It's about Food & Drink and Family & Education and was added August 30th. So after checking out Meet the Admissions Team - Ongelic Hill, don't forget Food Media a Class About Cuture and Yourself. See this Food & Drink video by clicking here. It's a long video, 171 seconds (2:51). And here's what it's about: Emily Contois and Zenia Kish are exploring personal and societal identity through Instagram in two books and one new course, Food Media. Check out the full story at.

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