Swan Lake ~ March 24-27 2022

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Swan Lake ~ March 24-27 2022" ~ from TBTulsa

"Swan Lake ~ March 24-27 2022" ~ from TBTulsa

Odette, a young maiden trapped in the form of a swan due to an evil curse, must find eternal love to break the spell. Considered the most iconic classical ballet of all time, Swan Lake is an enchanting tale of love, sorcery, and deceit that critics praise as effervescent and breathtaking. Featuring iconic music and stunning sets and costumes, see for yourself why Swan Lake is the most performed ballet around the world.

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Something else... By the way, in case you might be interested in videos by The University of Tulsa tagged with Family & Education, we thought this video was interesting too. Our friends at The University of Tulsa posted about Family & Education in their video from September 12th. It's called Psychology Students and Faculty Study Nightmares in Children. This is what they said about the video. Associate Professor of Psychology and clinical psychologist Lisa Cromer leads a team of graduate and undergraduate students in nightmare treatment for children and adolescents. Read more: ... But if you want to see the whole thing, just go to this page Psychology Students and Faculty Study Nightmares in Children. We're pretty sure you'll like this Family & Education video!

Another video in Family & Education is this one titled Sam Trizza on Self-Discovery and it was done by The University of Tulsa. It's about Family & Education and was added September 4th. So after checking out Psychology Students and Faculty Study Nightmares in Children, don't forget Sam Trizza on Self-Discovery. See this Family & Education video by clicking here. It's a long video, 267 seconds (4:27). And here's what it's about: The University of Tulsa welcomed the largest domestic class in the university's 125-year history at Matriculation 2019. The class of 2023 820 students strong is also the most diverse on record. Orientation leader Sam Trizza talked to incoming students about self-discovery, one of the pillars of the TU Commitment.

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Here is some more information about TBTulsa. Bringing internationally -acclaimed dance to Tulsa and our extended community for over 50 years. Marcello Angelini, Artistic Director.

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