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  1. Jun 30 / The University of Tulsa
    The opportunity for admitted students and their parents to hear from several distinguished TU alumni and their parents on why they chose TU, how to prepare for college life, what to expect when you get to TU, and how TU is working towards the Strategic Plan goal of creating a culturally diverse and inclusive campus community.
  2. Jun 14 / The University of Tulsa
    Assistant Professor of Media Studies Zenia Kish investigates Silicon Valley entrepreneurs remaking of basic food processes and how they pitch new products as edible, desirable and a way to address climate change and future food scarcity. She also researches the farm as a media text sown with digital technologies and questions of where our food comes from and where it s going. TU s Department of Media Studies faculty blend theory and praxis as they advance the frontiers of knowledge:
  3. Jun 10 / The University of Tulsa
  4. Jun 02 / Tulsa Public Schools
    Students learn about the history of Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre before testing their knowledge in an academic competition against each other. This year students also visited Greenwood Rising and The Black Wall Street History Center as part of the program.
  5. May 20 / The University of Tulsa
    After the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: the Ongoing Impact of Land, Space, and Access on the North Tulsa Community. Presented by the University of Tulsa College of Law s Buck Colbert Franklin Legal Clinic.
  6. May 12 / The University of Tulsa
    The cost of nearly everything is going through the roof! But how does inflation work, what can the Federal Reserve do about it and how likely is a financial recession in our future? Chapman Association Professor of Finance Eric Olson sheds light on these critical issues. Studying finance at TU will give you a solid foundation in all areas of business, from accounting to international business, management to computer information systems:
  7. May 07 / The University of Tulsa
  8. May 06 / The University of Tulsa
  9. May 04 / The University of Tulsa
    Bill Buron, the director of the TU School of Nursing, has spent years both as a nurse and nursing researcher/educ ator understanding and developing best practices for respectful, empathetic care for patients with dementia. Learn more about how to become a highly effective nurse:
  10. May 02 / The University of Tulsa

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