Melissa Allred

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Posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 ~ Video Length: 86 Views ~ 2 Likes

Melissa Allred" ~ from The University of Tulsa

"Melissa Allred" ~ from The University of Tulsa

TU Veterans Day 2021

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Something else... By the way, in case you might be interested in videos by TBTulsa tagged with Family & Education or Music & Performance, we thought this video was interesting too. Our friends at TBTulsa posted about Family & Education in their video from March 10th. It's called Spotlight with Jack the Beanstalk Choreographer Ma Cong. This is what they said about the video. Jack & the Beanstalk choreographer Ma Cong talks about the process of creating a World Premiere children's series and the magical adventure the characters in his new ballet find along the journey up a giant beanstalk. Watch Ma's interview below and join Jack and his cast of colorful friends April 15-23. ... But if you want to see the whole thing, just go to this page Spotlight with Jack the Beanstalk Choreographer Ma Cong. We're pretty sure you'll like this Family & Education video! Some other videos are in Music & Performance.

Another video in Tulsa is this one titled Shibuya Blues Extremely Close Live Stream ~ May 1st 2nd and it was done by TBTulsa. It's about Tulsa and Music & Performance and was added April 23rd. So after checking out Spotlight with Jack the Beanstalk Choreographer Ma Cong, don't forget Shibuya Blues Extremely Close Live Stream ~ May 1st 2nd. See this Tulsa video by clicking here. It's a long video, 93 seconds (1:33). And here's what it's about: Join us for a free live stream that will feature a double bill of two ballet performances in one evening on Saturday, May 1st at 7:00pm CST and Saturday, May 2nd at 12:00 pm CST, right here on Tulsa Ballet's YouTube channel! This live stream will only be available to view while it's live and will not be posted online after, so be sure to hit that 'bell' icon on our channel to be notified the moment we go live so that you don't miss it. You can also sign up to receive an email reminder one hour prior.

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