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  1. May 12 / The University of Tulsa
    The cost of nearly everything is going through the roof! But how does inflation work, what can the Federal Reserve do about it and how likely is a financial recession in our future? Chapman Association Professor of Finance Eric Olson sheds light on these critical issues. Studying finance at TU will give you a solid foundation in all areas of business, from accounting to international business, management to computer information systems:
  2. May 12 / Tulsa Oilers
    The 2021-22 season has come to a close, but not without a few kind words from the roster! Keep a lookout throughout the off season for our favorite moments from the 70th season of Oilers Hockey!
  3. May 07 / The University of Tulsa
  4. May 06 / The University of Tulsa
  5. May 04 / The University of Tulsa
    Bill Buron, the director of the TU School of Nursing, has spent years both as a nurse and nursing researcher/educ ator understanding and developing best practices for respectful, empathetic care for patients with dementia. Learn more about how to become a highly effective nurse:
  6. May 02 / The University of Tulsa
  7. May 02 / TBTulsa
    We sat down with Artistic Director Marcello Angelini and a few others to talk about why the triple-bill programs are their favorite Tulsa Ballet performance to attend.
  8. May 02 / The University of Tulsa
    Mechanical engineering Ph.D. student Caroline Schell and Peter Bui, a research associate, introduce the science of soft robotics and Squishy, a single-chambere d robot designed at TU. Learn more about this fascinating field of research:
  9. Apr 26 / The University of Tulsa
    Associate Professor of Art/Photography Dan Farnum introduces three cameras, explaining their suitability for different projects, themes and concepts. Photography is one of eight vibrant pathways at TU s School of Art, Design and Art History:
  10. Apr 22 / Tulsa Oilers
    Get a deep dive into everything you need to know ahead of the Oilers playoff run! Zack and Luke breakdown how the Oilers stack up against the Grizzlies, for this first round contest.

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