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  1. Sep 16 / Ahha Tulsa
    Artists and Hobbyists: schedule time in our Creative Labs to bring your ideas to life! We currently offer Scheduled Access in our Darkroom, Lighting Studio, Metals Lab, Printmaking Lab, and Digital Media Lab, with inkjet printing available in our Digital Media lab. Experienced users can set a time to access equipment, and guided sessions are offered if you need extra help from a teaching artist. For more information please visit
  2. Sep 16 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Don't miss our weekly Garden Highlights Tour. Wednesdays at 9:30am. Advance tickets required. Free for Members and kids. $15 for Not-yet Members.
  3. Sep 14 / 1 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    We're hittin' the books for our next Family Art Club series! This week Jenny shows you how to make a really cool accordion book that stands up all by itself. What story will you tell?
  4. Sep 13 / 1 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Relax and recharge! We are so thankful for our partnership with @presstulsa. We still have classes available next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Book at alendar.
  5. Sep 10 / 1 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Show us your snapshots! Have any vintage photos of you and/or your family here at Philbrook over the years? We'd love to see. Send to newsletter@phil or message us here. #tbt #throwbackthurs day
  6. Sep 09 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    From kids to adults! Learn more about the lives of four Tulsa Ballet dancers tomorrow night at 6pm! Advance tickets required at
  7. Sep 09 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Learn how to create your own fabulous flower arrangement! We have a flower arranging workshop available this Friday! Tickets:
  8. Sep 08 / Ahha Tulsa
    Don't forget that students who apply for the Youth Art Gallery are eligible for prizes including one high school student who will be awarded the $500 Public Service Company of Oklahoma Mark of Excellence Award! Thank you, PSO! The Exhibition will run September 30-December 20 at ahha Tulsa, with registration open now through September 24. All K-12 students in the Tulsa-metro area are invited to register. For more information and to register visit:
  9. Sep 07 / Ahha Tulsa
    Express and experiment in your own art journal! Inspired by the art journals kept by photo journalist Dan Eldon and following the techniques laid out by Eric Scott and Dave Modler in their book, The Journal Fodder Junkies , class participants will learn the benefits of habitual artistic journal keeping. Art journals or sketchbooks have been the key to all of the great artists' success, from DaVinci to Van Gogh, by establishing the routine of doing artistic work and recording ideas and inspiration.
  10. Sep 07 / 1 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Happy Labor Day! We're enjoying a day off today, and sharing one of Ms. Jenny's favorite Family Art Club videos from way back in early April. A day off is a great day to make some awesome scented play dough! Did you know you can find the entire Family Art Club archive on the Philbrook YouTube channel? Find us on YouTube and click on the Family Art Club playlist. Easy as that.

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