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  1. Sep 17 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Thursday mornings mean Garden Storytime and fish feeding! Bring the kiddos.
  2. Sep 16 / Ahha Tulsa
    Artists and Hobbyists: schedule time in our Creative Labs to bring your ideas to life! We currently offer Scheduled Access in our Darkroom, Lighting Studio, Metals Lab, Printmaking Lab, and Digital Media Lab, with inkjet printing available in our Digital Media lab. Experienced users can set a time to access equipment, and guided sessions are offered if you need extra help from a teaching artist. For more information please visit
  3. Sep 16 / 4 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    TOMORROW! The Internet Cat Video fest will be screened at the Admiral Twin drive in! Joining us are our partners @ttowntnr @sapulpafurryfr iends and @arftulsa for adoption and petting.
  4. Sep 16 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Don't miss our weekly Garden Highlights Tour. Wednesdays at 9:30am. Advance tickets required. Free for Members and kids. $15 for Not-yet Members.
  5. Sep 15 / 4 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Relaxing by the water. Would you live a turtle's life?
  6. Sep 15 / 1 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Ready for the Cat Video Fest this Thursday at the @AdmiralTwin drive in?? We are too, and we are also happy to partner with @ttowntnr. If you want to help support healthy cats, please take a look through these images to learn more about their mission!
  7. Sep 15 / 8 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Magnificent morning.
  8. Sep 15 / Ahha Tulsa
    Today's the day! Tune in from 3:00-4:00 PM today to watch Tulsa talent Kalyn Fay and World Stage Theatre Company take on a national stage as part of #ArtsAcrossAmer ica by the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Shout out to our friends at Woody Guthrie Center for helping us make this event happen!
  9. Sep 15 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Museum Confidential Season 4 9.25.20 Wait for it.
  10. Sep 14 / 6 / Philbrook Museum of Art
    Shipping containers at a museum?? We can't wait to open these doors for Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists on Sep 26 for members and Oct 7 for all!

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